The Strategic Interest Group on Fraud Trends (Fraud-SIG) will provide a forum to connect and educate APP members on current trends and best practices related to fraud identification and prevention in the payments industry. The group will also monitor developments in compliance requirements and expectations of payment networks and regulators as they relate to monitoring, reporting, or mitigating fraud and other forms of illegal transactions in the payment ecosystem. 

This forum is for members of the Fraud-SIG to share news, information, and resources, and to discuss trends around fraud topics.  All messages in this forum are retained so that as new members join they will be able to see and benefit from prior discussions.  

Initially, this forum is for members of the Fraud-SIG only.  The group is visible to other APP members.  Currently, this list is not moderated, HOWEVER, APP''s antitrust compliance policy applies to all messages in this forum.  This forum is NOT for posting an alert about a specific individual, company, or group allegedly engaged in fraud.  

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